twalala is a web-based Twitter client (currently in early development) that allows you to control what you see (and more importantly what you don’t see) in your twitterstream.

twalala gives you the ability to mute the people you follow if they’re getting a bit chatty. Or filter out tweets that contain specific keywords from your twittersteam.


Why might you want to do this?

  • Tired of hearing about Aunt Judy’s new poodle? Mute her for the day.
  • Reading about Janes’ fabulous tropical vacation got you down? Mute her for the week that she’ll be there.
  • Afraid of reading about who gets killed on the next Episode of LOST? Filter out all the tweets in your stream containing the word LOST, and enjoy Twitter, spoiler-free! Then catch up with those tweets as soon as you’ve watched the show.

Don’t worry about missing your important @replies or direct messages. We’ve built in ways to let you define what twalala sees and doesn’t see.

You can also use twalala to post and reply directly to Twitter.


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